With a 250VA/80VDC power rating the highly compact ViX servo drives provide a cost-effective solution to a wide range of low-power applications. They accept industry standard command signals and also offer the options of an integral controller & CANopen

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The freely-programmable, intelligent ViX servo drive delivers high levels of functionality and flexibility in programmable motion control. With outputs in the 250-500 VA power range, ViX uses field-oriented digital control technology, to give enhanced dynamic performance with improved efficiency. The base version of the drive can be controlled by step-direction signals in addition to an analog velocity or torque demand.

The ViX drive is produced in two versions having continuous current ratings of 2.5 A and 5 A at motor bus voltages up to 80VDC. A peak current capability of three times the continuous rating provides an outstanding acceleration performance. The device offers the choice of either resolver or encoder feedback (user selectable). To assist with initial commissioning, the drive can correct most motor and feedback wiring errors automatically.

• Factory Automation
• Miscellaneous Industrial
• Life sciences

• Analog Control or Built-in Controller (using Parker’s proven EASI code)
• Powerful EASI-V Front-End Software
• Programmable Resolution
• High-Resolution Sine-Cosine Feedback Option (for use with Parker MX Linear Motor Positioners)
• Optional CANopen/RS485 Interface
• Panel or DIN rail mounting

• Packaging Machines
• Lab/Diagnostic Equipments
• Electronics Machinery

ViX250 Servo Drive/Controller Technical Specifications:
• Power Output Rating : 250 VA
• Drive Input Supply : 24…80VDC
• Output Current : continuous 2.5 Arms / peak 7.5 Arms for 2 seconds

A powerful front-end software package is supplied with the drive and permits straightforward, rapid configuration and tuning. ViX intelligent drives incorporate a powerful controller using Parker’s wellproven EASI command language. As well as carrying out all basic motion control functions, the controller performs more advanced operations such as external encoder following and registration moves. All necessary configuration is performed by software.


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